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Wendell Park Primary School

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Brackenbury, Kenmont and Wendell Park

Black History Month

Black History Month

Throughout the month, the children have been taking part in a range of
activities to celebrate Black History Month. Each class from Nursery to
Year 6 have been focusing on different black authors, poets and
illustrators. They have also been using non-fiction texts to learn about
significant individuals. During assemblies, year 1 to year 6 have discussed
the theme of dig deeper, look closer and think bigger whilst exploring the
achievements of black individuals, some they had heard of before but
some were new to many of us, such as John Edmonstone - the man who
taught Charles Darwin.

Furthermore, Years 2 to 6 took part in African Dance and Drumming
workshops thanks to Zamble. They had an amazing day and all of their talent
came together for performances at the end of the day. Early Years and Year 1
joined Eastside Drama Company to go on an adventure to learn about Anansi
the Spider. On Thursday, a company called Black Books Matter came to school
with their show ‘The Sun Shines for Everyone’ where they were encouraged to
have pride in their own history and heritage.