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Wendell Park Primary School

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Brackenbury, Kenmont and Wendell Park

Design and Technology

Design and Technology

Intent (before the teaching)

At Wendell Park, we aim to provide pupils with a creative and imaginative Design and Technology curriculum.  Through termly projects, each child has the chance to discover and develop their technical, practical and creative skills. They are provided with real-world contexts for learning in Design and Technology and all design projects have a purpose. Evaluation is an integral part of the design process and allows children to adapt and improve their product, a skill which will hold them in good stead for later life. 

Implementation (subject in action)

We have a clear and comprehensive scheme of work in line with the National Curriculum. We also make sure that our children learn additional skills, knowledge and understanding and enhance our curriculum as and when necessary. We challenge children to apply their skills from many different areas of the curriculum (e.g. Maths, Art and Science) in order to take risks, problem solve and create tangible solutions. Children are taught to use their skills of investigating, designing, making and evaluating in each project they undertake and are able to build on their skills from the previous year, learning to build and develop functional structures using a variety of materials and tools. Children are encouraged to use creativity and ingenuity when designing and making and are also given the opportunity to evaluate their work and that of others. Our DT curriculum provides an excellent base for further life as children develop key skills such as the importance of healthy eating, the basics of engineering, problem solving and collaborative work. We also promote a language rich Design and Technology curriculum which we believe is essential to the successful acquisition of knowledge and understanding. The promotion and use of an accurate and rich vocabulary throughout school is planned into each Design and Technology unit. 

Impact (after the teaching)

We assess the impact of our curriculum through a number of different methods. Teachers and pupils reflect on the outcomes achieved against the planned outcomes. Children take part in discussions about their learning, including discussion of their thoughts, ideas, processing and evaluations of work. Subject and school leaders monitor the impact of our curriculum provision by completing regular monitoring, including listening to the voice of our children. 


Progression of skills and knowledge

Our ‘DT subject progression of skills and knowledge ‘ document gives further information about what the children are taught in this subject by year group.

Progression of skills and knowledge

Design and Technology Long Term Plan 

Long term plan 

Geography  National Curriculum

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