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Wendell Park Primary School

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Brackenbury, Kenmont and Wendell Park



Intent (before the teaching)

At Wendell Park, we want our children to be compassionate to the environment, curious about the world and the people who live here and proactive in seeking answers to questions and enquiries. Our Geography curriculum is designed to equip pupils with knowledge about places and people, resources in the environment and an understanding of the interaction between physical and human processes that have shaped our landscape and environments.  We want the children to investigate and make enquiries about their local area of Hammersmith and Fulham and wider area of London, so that they understand what life is like for them and what makes their local area unique. We want children to want to know more about people and places beyond this to make comparisons to other people’s way of life. 

To think like Geographers we want the children to:

  • Have an excellent knowledge of where places are and what they are like, both in Britain and the wider world;
  • understand the processes that give rise to key physical and human geographical features of the world, how these are interdependent and how they bring change over time
  • Be able to collect, analyse and communicate with a range of data gathered through experiences of fieldwork that deepen their understanding of geographical processes
  • Have excellent fieldwork skills to interpret a range of sources of geographical information, including maps, diagrams, globes, aerial photographs and Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Ask questions, reach conclusions, explain their findings and express well-balanced opinions about current issues in society and the environment
  • be proud of the area that they are from whilst being curious about the world around them
  • use geographical knowledge and vocabulary to explain processes and connections between places

Implementation (subject in action)

We teach the knowledge, skills and understanding set out in the National Curriculum through standalone Geography topics. Knowledge and Understanding of the World forms the basis of the Geographical learning in the foundation stage where links are made to the early learning goals. Children learn about the world around them through fieldwork, stories and theme days. Children are given opportunities to investigate and make enquiries about their local area of Hammersmith and Fulham and wider area of London, so that they understand what life is like for them and what makes their local area unique. Fieldwork is weaved throughout the curriculum for children to develop their mapping skills and investigate their local area and beyond, regularly using maps, globes and atlases to develop their knowledge. In Key Stage One, children begin to develop their understanding of the world, the UK, and their locality whilst using subject-specific vocabulary. Star words are used in every lesson to build children’s vocabulary. Children learn about people and their communities whilst making comparisons to their own ways of lives and cultural traditions. In Key Stage Two, children build upon their prior learning, develop their knowledge of the location and characteristics of the world’s human and physical processes and enhance their understanding of how they are all interconnected.

Impact (after the teaching)

Children communicate their learning in a variety of ways including sketch maps with a key and diagrams, tables, graphs and writing. At the end of each topic, children complete a learning square answering three questions increasing in difficulty to show their understanding of a topic. They will also complete a quiz to assess their knowledge at the end of the topic. Throughout the topic, children answer philosophy questions to give detailed answers and show their point of view. Last, Last, Last questions embed prior knowledge into future lessons. Teachers update Target Tracker statements to assess children’s understanding and complete a whole class learning square at the start of each topic to assess prior knowledge linked to the new topic.


Progression of skills and knowledge

Our ‘Geography subject progression of skills and knowledge ‘ document gives further information about what the children are taught in this subject by year group.

Progression of skills and knowledge 

Long Term Plan 

Geography long term plan

Geography  National Curriculum

If you would like to know more, please visit Geography National Curriculum